Film photography tips and tricks

When entering the world of analog photography, you need to pay attention to how you treat your equipment, starting from the camera to the lenses and the film itself.
With these simple tips I want to make your path into the world of analog photography easier so that you can enjoy the journey and have as much fun as possible. Let's get started!

Start with 35mm :

If you’re new to film photography, start with 35mm cameras and film. Both cameras and film stocks are cheaper and you’ll also have more frames, medium format cameras gives you 12-16 pictures.

Keep Your Camera Dry :

It’s most important to keep your film–camera equipment away from moisture. In humid climates, throw moisture–absorbing silica packs in your bags and  replace them  every six weeks or so.

Keep the camera working :

Pick up your cameras and turn the knobs, click the shutter as if to take photos, to lubricate.Never store your camera with the shutter cocked, the spring inside could lose its flexibility. Remove the batteries in all cameras and equipment.

Use prime lenses :

This is very personal, but using prime lense will force you to think more about your composition.You’re forced to move around to find the perfect picture and with time you’ll have mastered the focal lenght you’ve chosen.

Properly clean your lens :

Never clean your lens with your clothes. Clothes fabric can cause micro scratches on the lens. Clean your lens with a microfiber cloth.

Store your lens uprightStore your lens upright :

Store your lens upright, so that the lubricant in the shutter doesn’t drop on the inside of your lens. Use both the back and front lens caps to keep out the dust. Once in a while, pick up your lenses and turn the aperture ring  to keep it lubricated.

Expose for the shadows :

With film photography, it is better to overexpose (unless you’re deliberately going for the dark). You are able to push or pull a film if you would like to change the exposure while developing. In digital photography, the opposite works better. 

 Don’t waste expired film :

Degraded film generally produces over-saturated colors and surreal, foggy effects and other artifacts. It's not a risk-free procedure, but it's a fun way to avoid wasting film, and it’s also cheaper.

Keep it in the fridge : 

Store your film in the fridge. It’s not a joke, the cold temperature of the fridge will slow down the degradation of the film and it will increase its life span.

Beware of x-rays : 

X-rays at the airport may ruin your film. Take your film out of the box, if you have multiple rolls put them all in a clear bag and ask for a hand-check.

But most importantly, HAVE FUN. Film photography might seems complicated and you might be scared of wasting frames, but if you are willing to take on these compromises, film photography will be able to give you back unique results and feelings.
So grab your camera and go outside and take some shots, I can guarantee you that you will have fun.



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